Lexington Clinic Patient PortalLexington Clinic has a new, enhanced patient portal with features designed to improve your experience. With our new patient portal, which can be used via mobile devices, patients can access their healthcare anytime, from anywhere.

With increased access to your health records via the patient portal, patients gain the ability to become more informed about their healthcare process, and are able to receive that information almost immediately. 

Most notably, quicker access to lab results is possible – which means less time waiting on a phone call or follow-up appointment. You can communicate directly – and securely – with a Lexington Clinic provider to discuss those lab results, and other records, through the portal’s messaging system. Co-pays and bills can be paid and check-in paperwork  can be completed prior to appointments through the patient portal, which means less time in a waiting room.

Other included features:
  • Check-in for an appointment online
  • Request appointments
  • Research health topics
  • Review or update personal health information
  • Request prescription refills
Please register for the new portal, even if you were previously registered with Lexington Clinic’s patient portal, must register or re-register, using these four easy steps:
  1. Visit LexingtonClinic.com/portal and click the portal log-in button then click "Sign up today” to create a new account.
  2. Enter your name, date of birth and contact information.
  3. You will be sent a temporary passcode by email, call or text*. Once it is received, enter the passcode when prompted.
  4. Create a new password. This password must be 8-20 characters and include one upper and one lower case letter, and one number or symbol.
*If you have seen a Lexington Clinic provider since the new patient portal is launched, you should have received a card with a passcode on it. This passcode can be used as a temporary passcode for up to 6 hours. If 6 hours have passed, another passcode will need to be requested.

If you encounter any trouble or need any help signing up, please visit LexingtonClinic.com/portal  for contact information.