Debbie Stakelin, DNP, MSN, RN, AGN-BC, CN-BN

  • Location: Lexington Clinic South Broadway
  • Address: 1221 South Broadway, 1221 South Broadway, Lexington, KY 40504
  • Phone: (859) 258-4424

Debbie works with Lexington Clinic physicians and radiologists to identify patients with a higher risk of breast cancer.  As a Breast Health Nurse and High Risk Program Coordinator, Debbie utilizes scientific models to perform risk assessments and calculate values reflecting the individualized lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.  These results are used to make recommendations for additional radiologic and genetic screenings per American Cancer Society and National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. 

In addition to the identification of high risk patients, Debbie tracks high risk mammography and MRI screenings, re-evaluates patient high risk criteria annually, provides counsel regarding mammography results and oversees the radiological follow-up of all new established high risk patients.  To date, hundreds of high risk patients have been identified through the Lexington Clinic High Risk program and are receiving guidance and recommendations concerning their personal breast healthcare plan.

Debbie can be reached at (859) 258-4424.