About the Throwing Program


With 30-plus years of experience from the Shoulder Center of Kentucky’s physicians and staff, the Center developed a method of training for baseball and softball pitchers, tennis players and other overhead athletes. This method combines identifying and treating shoulder and elbow injuries with the latest in scientific research. The Throwing Program staff includes board-certified orthopedic surgeons, established physical therapists and certified athletic trainers, as well as a former Major League Baseball pitching scout who oversees the athletes' development programs.

We focus on identifying areas of weakness, addressing those areas thoroughly through therapeutic exercise, and then implementing a custom-made throwing program specifically tailored for each individual athlete and offer programs for individual athletes as well as for teams.

Fees and Services

Exercise Program Session (Individual):

A strength and conditioning program will be developed that will address any current areas of weakness or inflexibility as well as other areas of the body which are important for optimal throwing performance. The program will be based on the kinetic chain principle, where the entire body will be focused upon rather than individual areas. These sessions are supervised and the program is progressed by the Shoulder Center of Kentucky staff.

Fee: $10.00/session

Exercise Program (Team)

6 Players Max: Following a similar approach as the Individual Session, a 1 hour session will be dedicated to the players of 1 team allowing individual instruction and training to take place.

Fee: $5.00/athlete

Video Only: Our staff is trained in biomechanical analysis of the overhead throwing motion. Using state of the art software, we can analyze your throwing motion and identify flaws which may impede performance. Video can be produced at the Center or analysis can be done on video provided by the athlete.

Fee: $50.00

Video With Instruction: In addition to the video analysis, our staff will design a custom exercise program to help correct any flaws found on video.

Fee: $75.00

Speaking with Coaches’ Association:

In order to help prevent injury, coaches, athletic trainers, and physicians need to have a mutual understanding of how injuries can occur. The Shoulder Center of Kentucky offers a half or full day course for coaches describing our philosophy on injury occurrence in overhead athletes, our approach to screening and evaluating those athletes who are at risk of an injury, and our methods of treating those athletes once an injury occurs.

Fee: $200.00 for half day course/$400.00 for full day course, additional fees may apply.

Set up Team Exercise Program:

In order to assure consistency during training, we offer a supervisory service where the Shoulder Center of Kentucky staff will develop and oversee the training regimen of an entire team. This includes program development, program progression, biomechanical evaluations, and conditioning drills.

Fee: $400.00, team during the off-season/$200.00, team during the season

The Shoulder Center of Kentucky Summer Throwing Program hours.

June - August
Mon.: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.   
Thur.: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

To make an appointment, call Michael Howell at (859) 258-8520 or email mihow@lexclin.com.

Meet Michael Howell

Michael Howell oversees the Michael Howell ATCconditioning programs and throwing clinic for the Shoulder Center of Kentucky. He has served as the coordinator of rehab programs for major league players with the Boston Red Sox, L.A. Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians, as well as seriving as a scout for the Atlanta Braves. He has worked With numerous high schools and youth teams including 6 seasons with Chain Baseball in Savannah, Georgia. During Mike's tenure, Chain won 7 age-division national championships, had 182 players earn college baseball scholarships and had 15 players sign professional baseball contracts. 

Mike works closely with the physicians, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers at the Lexington Clinic and Shoulder Center of Kentucky to identify and address physical and mechanical concerns to help prevent injury in throwers and overhead athletes.