Current Studies:

  • The Structure of Posttraumatic Arthritis Tissue that is Discarded after Surgical Resection (Sponsored by the University of Kentucky)
  • Acute Measurement of GIRD in Baseball Pitchers
  • Acute Presence of GIRD in Amateur and Professional Tennis Players
  • Functional Outcomes of Post-Operative and Non-Operative Shoulder Patients
  • Surgical Outcome of Patients with Medial Scapular Muscle Detachment
  • Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial (Sponsored by ERMI, Inc.)
  • A National Survey of Youth Baseball Pitchers Regarding Pitching Exposure and Elbow and Shoulder Problems (Sponsored by AOSSM)
  • Association Among Pitching Variables, Elbow or Shoulder Injuries, and Structural Arm Differences in Youth Pitchers Seen in the Clinic (Sponsored by AOSSM)

Past Research:

Publications Pertaining to Shoulder Research Review by Dr. Kibler, Dr. Dome and Dr. Hester.