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Lexington Clinic's Shoulder Center of Kentucky was founded by Dr. W. Ben Kibler in 2007 and combines nationally recognized clinical and rehabilitation expertise with cutting-edge research and education. The facility hosts a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center, as well as outpatient and inpatient surgical facilities, and an internationally recognized physical therapy department to provide the highest standard of comprehensive shoulder care. The Shoulder Center of Kentucky, together with Lexington Clinic, continues to be at the forefront in the development of functional shoulder therapy protocols, integrated shoulder rehabilitation and closed-chain shoulder exercise.



The Shoulder Center of Kentucky is dedicated to excellence in patient care, research in shoulder biomechanics and function and education of physicians and patients. Our goals include better understanding of:

  • How the shoulder works in function
  • How the shoulder sustains injuries
  • How to most effectively treat and prevent shoulder injuries
  • How to improve performance



Since 1983, the Shoulder Center of Kentucky has focused on increasing the expertise in shoulder biomechanics, physical examination and clinical diagnosis through the use of surgical treatment and rehabilitation techniques developed at the Lexington Clinic Orthopedics - Sports Medicine Center.

The three key areas of expertise are:

The Shoulder Center of Kentucky has received national and international recognition as the leader in treatment and research regarding injuries of the scapula and its muscles, the relation of scapular motion to shoulder function and injury, and efficient rehabilitation of scapular dyskinesis (poor quality of scapular motion and/or control). It is also recognized for expertise in the treatment of overhead athletes in tennis and baseball and research and scientific papers from the Center have made important contributions to understanding the kinetic chain contributions to overhead motion, the biomechanical alterations that may affect performance and injury and clinical testing and rehabilitation protocols.

  • The application of concepts of the "kinetic chain” to shoulder function and injury. The kinetic chain is coordinated, sequential movement of individual body segments that integrates the position and motion of all the parts to produce skillful work and play.
  • The relation of the scapula to shoulder function and injury.
  • Rehabilitation after injury.

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