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For a Night Full of Rest

A good night of sleep can change everything. For more than 40 million Americans, sleep disorders disrupt their daily lives. Lexington Clinic Sleep Center is here to help you with your sleeping issues. Our doctors are board-certified in otolaryngology, pulmonary and neurology and work together to ensure patients receive the best treatment to normalize their sleep. Lexington Clinic Sleep Center offers care for a wide-range of sleep issues and are committed to helping each patient.



Sleep Center


Lexington Clinic South Broadway

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Wayne B. Colin, DMD, MD


Lexington Clinic at CHI Saint Joseph Health Office Park

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Craig A. Knox, MD, PhD



  • At-Home Sleep Study
  • CPAP Instruction and Maintenance
  • CPAP Titration Studies
  • Day Sleep Studies
  • Durable Medical Equipment Supplies
  • Follow-up Care for CPAP
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test
  • Maintenance Wakefullness Test
  • Overnight Sleep Studies
  • Professional Mask Fit and Instruction

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