Referral Liaison,
Your Guide to Lexington Clinic

Katrina Kiser, Lexington Clinic Referral LiaisonIntroducing our referral liaison, Katrina Kiser, an employee specially trained to answer your questions and guide you to the Lexington Clinic provider who best meets your individual needs. Katrina will connect you with the provider’s office that can schedule an appointment for you.

Your needs come first, and Lexington Clinic knows this and takes those needs into consideration, whether it be what office is most convenient for you or which provider would be suited to address your condition. Additionally, we can answer any questions you may have regarding insurance, appointment availability and directions to Lexington Clinic locations.


Referral Liaison

Telephone: (859) 258-4362 
Secure Fax:
 (859) 258-6118

For all referring information and forms, please visit referring physician information.