Oct. 2, 2019

UPDATE: Construction for Lexington Clinic’s new South Broadway building is ongoing. Based on progress to date, its opening is expected to take place in the spring of 2021.
July 29, 2019

Entrance off South Broadway has Closed

The front entrance off South Broadway has closed and the new entrance at Parkway Drive is now open. Signs are posted for our patients along South Broadway to assist them with the new entrance. There is also an entrance off Gibson Avenue.

May 22, 2019

UPDATE: Plans for the newly-constructed South Broadway entrance via Parkway Drive are delayed. Please continue using the main South Broadway entrance until we provide further updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Patients,
Construction for Lexington Clinic’s new South Broadway building is underway and changes are coming to the campus. Beginning the first week of May, the South Broadway entrance (the current main entrance) will be permanently closed and no longer available for use. Patients will now need to enter via either the Gibson Avenue entrance or the soon-to-be-constructed Parkway Drive entrance. The Parkway Drive entrance will be built prior to the closure of the South Broadway entrance and will be open by mid-April.

In addition to the entrance changes, this construction project will result in parking changes as well. Several existing parking spots will be taken away because of the construction, and in order to help ensure adequate parking for patients, several other spots will be reassigned. At right is a link to the parking map showing the new parking areas for patients, including handicap areas. The parking spots marked in blue are for patient parking and the parking spots marked in yellow are for handicap parking. These parking changes will remain for the duration of the construction. The new building is set to be complete and open by the fall 2020.

Lexington Clinic understands that these changes may cause some inconvenience, but please know that we are working to help make this time as smooth as possible for all of our patients.

Thank you,
Dr. Andrew Henderson
CEO, Lexington Clinic

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