Lexington Clinic provides high-quality radiology services using the most advanced imaging modalities, with diagnostic interpretation services using GE Centricity® PACS-IW.

PACS has allowed Lexington Clinic to implement digital workflow by eliminating the need for X-ray film. With Centricity PACS-IW, Lexington Clinic is able to provide referring physicians fast, high-quality radiology/imaging services, helping you deliver better care to your patients.

Going digital brings tremendous benefits at no additional cost to your practice.

  • Access
  • Speed
  • Collaboration
  • Convenience

All of these benefits translate into better patient care, brought to you by Lexington Clinic.

It's Simple: Anywhere, Anytime, Secure Access

Centricity PACS®IW provides web-based software that allows physician offices, consulting physicians and hospital-based clinical staff to securely view imaging studies performed at Lexington Clinic, anywhere from a web-accessible PC. With the viewer, you'll be able to access your patients' digital imaging history at Lexington Clinic - simply by logging on to a PC.

The viewer uses the same tools our radiologists use for image interpretation. The tools are easy to use, yet they have significant functionality for users at all experience levels.

The web-based PC technology gives you tremendous flexibility by allowing you to view exams - in the privacy of your office, at your home or in the exam room for patient consultation. As patients become increasingly internet-savvy, they will appreciate the way you have embraced the latest advances in technology. Furthermore, it also becomes a competitive advantage for your practice!

In addition, your patients will no longer need to carry cumbersome stacks of X-ray films, as we provide convenient CDs of imaging exams that include the same image viewer that you can access from your PC.

Features and Benefits

  • Personal Worklist. Easily manage image review with individual reading tabs for each physician in your practice.
  • Viewer Tools. All the basics are available, including, for example, window/level, pan and zoom. More complex tools include side-by-side study comparisons, study synchronizations for slice by slice comparisons, triangulation to view regions of interest simultaneously in different spatial planes, sophisticated measurements, and much more.

One Step to Digital

It's extremely easy to get started with Centricity PACS-IW. Simply complete the form below and either fax it back to us or drop it in the mail. One of our representatives will contact you to complete a user agreement, after which we can provide you with a user guide and the User ID necessary to secure your remote access. Once you have a User ID, you'll be able to access your patients' exams and reports from any web-accessible PC. Alternately, please contact us at (859) 258-4221 with any questions you may have, and if desired, we're happy to provide a product demonstration.

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