Genio-Glossus Advancement

The Genio-Glossus Advancement (GGA) is a procedure which was developed specifically for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Like all surgery for this condition, the operation is designed to open the upper breathing passage. The concept is that a muscle, such as the tongue, will be displaced as its tendon is moved or tightened. The GGA procedure tightens the front tongue tendon; thereby, reducing the degree of tongue displacement into the throat.

The procedure is performed through the mouth through an incision below the gum tissue in front of the lower front teeth. After creating a small rectangular bone window, the tendons that attach the front of the tongue to the jaw are pulled forward on a small bone fragment. This produces a larger space between the back of the tongue and the throat thereby creating a wider airway. Complications resulting from this procedure are very uncommon. There is minimal, if any, alteration in facial appearance. This operation is often performed in tandem with at least one other procedure such as the UPPP or hyoid suspension.