Flu Season Is Not Over Yet!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing a warning: the flu season is not over yet!
So far, flu cases have been down this year compared to last year, but officials warn that flu season is actually just now getting started. Kentucky is one of the most highly-affected states by the flu so far this year and experts say it will only get worse. Right now, the Commonwealth is one of a handful of states to be classified with a high-level of flu activity.

The best way to protect you and your family from the flu is by getting the flu shot. It's not too late to get the flu shot for this year. The flu shot cannot guarantee you won't get the flu, but it can help protect you and lessen the effects should you become infected.

Click here to see our 10 area locations where you can drop by or schedule your flu shot. If you have flu-like symptoms, visit our walk-in care locations or call (859) 258-4362 to find a provider close to you.

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