Congratulations to Dr. Pete Hester!

Dr. Peter Hester
Lexington Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Pete Hester, Orthopedic Surgeon at Picadome, has been named HISA (Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority) National Medical Director. With this appointment, Dr. Hester will focus on jockey health and welfare, working to mitigate the risk of injury, including concussion, as well as improving health care services to jockeys and sourcing affordable medical care for jockeys and their families.

“Prior to HISA, the Thoroughbred racing industry lacked cohesive safety standards for riders, meaning their health protocols and minimum safety standards varied significantly form one state racing jurisdiction to another,” explains HISA CEO Lisa Lazarus. “By setting minimum safety standards and appointing a national medical director, HISA is working to make the sport safer for all participants.”

Combining his passion for the sport of Thoroughbred racing with his medical expertise, Dr. Hester will be an incredible asset as HISA transitions towards a more centralized approach. “I have tremendous respect for the athleticism that the jobs of jockeys and exercise riders require, and I am familiar with the risks associated with this profession.” Hester said. “It is an absolute honor to have the opportunity to work with HISA as we implement new policies to protect and serve these courageous athletes.” 

Dr. Hester, congratulations! And thank you for raising the standards of jockey safety and welfare across the country!
To read an article announcing Dr. Hester’s in The Blood-Horse Magazine, click here.

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