Lung cancer is Kentucky’s leading cause of cancer-related deaths. In fact, in Kentucky lung cancer kills more people than the next eight most common cancers combined. Lexington Clinic offers lung cancer screenings for patients to determine their individual risk of developing this...

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Lexington Clinic Cancer Centers are proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the upcoming “Stand Up To Cancer” special!
Lexington Clinic Orthopedics – Sports Medicine Center is excited to announce the new Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic. This clinic, which treats any orthopedic injury, will operate alongside the Sports Injury Drop-In Clinic, which treats sports-related injuries.
Lexington Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of three new physicians, Robert D. Sawyer, MD, Agata Toborek, MD and Timothy Atkinson, MD, as well as the addition of Olivier Gayou, PhD, as Lexington Clinic’s Chief Medical Physicist.

Peter W. Hester, MD, Lexington Clinic Orthopedic Physician, recently operated on jockey Sophie Doyle. With Dr. Hester’s surgery on Doyle’s collarbone, followed by therapy with Robin Cromwell, Lexington Clinic physiotherapist, the team was able to help Doyle return to racing in time...

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Find a career for life today with Lexington Clinic’s brand new Employment Application site!
Lexington Clinic earned the most votes for “Best Doctor’s Office” in the 10th annual Lexington Herald-Leader Reader’s Choice Awards.

Effective Monday, August 1, Lexington Cardiology and the Heart Station at South Broadway will be moving to the second floor of Lexington Clinic East to join the Lexington Clinic East Cardiology location. Cardiology will continue to service Jessamine Medical Center, Versailles, Richmond...

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Lexington Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of two new physicians, John R. Simmons, D.O. and Matthew T. Eaton, D.O., both of whom will be practicing in Richmond.
Lexington Clinic is pleased to announce the establishment of Dietitian Services, which includes medical nutrition therapy and diabetes self-management education.