By Marisa Belcastro, MD
Lexington Clinic Veterans Park

2019 is finally here!
The New Year is all about a fresh start and is a natural a time to set new goals. Every year millions of people set out on their New Year’s Resolution in an attempt to be healthier, happier or improve in some other area of their life. And while we may all start out with great intentions, it’s usually around the end of January when we start to hit speed bumps in our journey.

Goals are always a great idea but when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions we can all easily become distracted or discouraged. Often times, part of the problem stems from the actual goals that we set. Goals are great, but attainable goals are even better! Even if your eventual goal is big, you can help motivate yourself by setting and accomplishing minor goals along the road to your big goal.

Other ways to help make sure you accomplish your goals for the New Year:
  • Be specific. If you’re too vague about your goal it will be easier to give up.
  • Look on the bright side. Stay positive about your journey and know that just trying is half the battle.
  • Get a goal buddy. You are more likely to stick to your goal if you have someone to hold you accountable and encourage you along the way.
  • Time is on your side. Remember that you have 12 months! Be patient and pace yourself to make sure you aren’t burned out by February.
Getting healthy, in some form or fashion, is one of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions every year and nearly every resolution seems to revolve around health in some way. A primary care provider is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy this year.

If you don’t already have a provider, Lexington Clinic would like to help you find the person who is right for you. If you would like help finding a provider, please call (859) 258-4362 or visit

Marisa Belcastro, MD is board-certified in family medicine. She specializes in family medicine. Her professional interests include caring for children and adults, with a special interest in adolescent care, women’s health and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.