with the Lexington Clinic Heart Stations
If your cardiologist has referred you to Lexington Clinic's Heart Station, you will be undergoing diagnostic tests to help monitor the health of your heart. At the heart station, a full staff of licensed and certified personnel including registered nurses, echocardiography and vascular sonographers, stress lab technicians, certified nuclear medicine technologists, a pacemaker technician and reception staff, will perform various tests to monitor the health of your heart.

Diagnostic services performed at the heart stations include:
  • Echocardiograms
  • Stress Tests
  • Multigated acquisition (MUGA) scans
  • Monitoring of Prothrombin Time and International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) labs with appropriate adjustment of specific blood thinners
  • Monitoring of permanent pacemaker transmissions
  • Provide holter and cardiac event monitors
  • Ultrasound services (by the vascular department) that evaluate conditions within the peripheral vascular system

**For a description of each test listed above, please visit www.lexingtonclinic.com/heart/cardioservices.html

These tests allow you cardiologist to detect and monitor any heart conditions you may have. Through detection and monitoring, your cardiologist can determine the treatment plan that is most effective for you.

If you think you are in need of cardiac care or have any further questions about the services provided at the Lexington Clinic Heart Station, please call (859) 258-5518, or visit LexingtonClinic.com/heart.
Lexington Clinic's heart station is located at Lexington Clinic East and performs diagnostic services, as ordered by a physician, to aid in diagnosis, monitoring and tracking of certain cardiac conditions including coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, cardiac dysrhthmias and peripheral vascular disorders.