by Craig W. Irwin, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Lexington Clinic Veterans Park

Getting your child ready to head back to school can be a busy process. Shopping for supplies and looking for new clothes can keep you running all over town, but a trip to your child’s pediatrician should also be on your to-do list.

Back to school season is a perfect time for your child to have his or her yearly visit to the doctor. This allows the pediatrician to assess physical development and provides an opportunity to address any emotional, developmental or social concerns.

A yearly physical is especially important for athletes. A complete physical exam will make sure it is safe for your child to participate in sports and will likely be required by the team or school.

Immunizations are also a part of back to school for kids of all ages. State law requires several different immunizations for children, depending on their age. Immunization has been a hot-button issue after some parents read about an alleged link between immunizations and Autism. The researcher who published that study later admitted to making it up and the research was discredited.

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Craig W. Irwin, MD is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He provides services in preventive medicine for adults and children, birth to geriatric age, primary care for acute and chronic medical conditions, well child physicals, ill child care, and child immunizations. Dr. Irwin's professional interests include primary care, internal medicine and pediatrics, health maintenance, and preventive care.