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Millions of people use contact lens as corrective eyewear, and do so safely. However according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 40-90 percent of those who wear contacts do not follow proper instructions for wearing – which can lead to serious eye infections.

So what is considered proper contact lens wear? Most importantly, contact users should follow the guidelines provided by their prescriber. These commonly include instructions to clean lenses daily, minimize the lens’ contact with water and replace the lens and lens case frequently.

Other guidelines for proper contact lens care include
  • Always wash and dry hands before handling lenses
  • Avoid use of contact lenses when swimming
  • Do not store contact lenses in water. Instead, use a contact lens solution
  • Do not put lenses in mouth to moisten the lens, as saliva is not a sterile solution
  • Use the schedule for wearing and replacing contacts prescribed
  • Keep the contact lens case clean, and replace at least every three months
  • Always replenish the contact solution in the case when storing contacts
If at any point during wear, a patient experiences symptoms such as redness of the eye, pain, increased light sensitivity, blurry vision, abnormal discharge or swelling, it is recommended to cease use of contacts and schedule an appointment with an eye care professional.

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