by Dr. Brent J. Morris, Lexington Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon

Approximately half of sports-related injuries among young athletes are a result of overuse, or repetitive stress on one certain body part, to the point of injury. This is called an overuse injury.  An overuse injury can be identified by common symptoms, including:

• Pain with a decrease in ability
• Loss of function
• Stiffness or aching after or during activity
• Pain with no history of a direct injury
• Visible swelling
• Point tenderness

Once these symptoms are observed, it is important that the athlete seek medical attention in order to prevent the injury from becoming worse. With proper training and education among young athletes, these types of injuries can be treated, and potentially prevented if the training program is started early enough.

To help avoid these types of injuries, a young athlete can develop a training plan, particularly during the off-season,  that will help condition their body and decrease the potential for injury. The key to this off-season prevention is establishing a training plan that incorporates rest and recovery periods, as well as cross-training. Additionally, building a foundation of full-body, not just sport specific, strength is highly recommended. This helps prevent stress on overused joints, which can lead to injury.

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Brent J. Morris, MD, Lexington Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon
Brent J. Morris, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon at Lexington Clinic. He is a fellowship-trained shoulder and elbow specialist who treats patients with various types of shoulder, elbow and sports related injuries.