Hearing the words "you have cancer” is scary enough, now add on top of that a laundry list of doctors’ appointments, meetings, reminders and classes and it is overwhelming. One of the greatest tools you can use to help keep life organized and avoid chaos is a planner.

Inside your planner you can record the date and time of your diagnosis, along with any appointments, meetings, consultations and classes. Your diagnosis will also bring along with it a host of different medications that need to be taken on different days and at different times. The planner is a great place to keep track of all of those schedules as well.

During your treatment journey there will be good days and bad days, and it’s important to keep track of those too. Each day you should record which symptoms you are feeling, when the symptoms began and the intensity on a 1-10 scale. This will allow you to easily update your doctors and keep them informed on how you’re doing.

Here you will find a one year, printable calendar. This calendar includes space to record your symptoms each day, along with when during the day the symptoms began.


Your planner is not just a great place to keep track of when you need to be somewhere, but also to know where you need to be. At the bottom of your calendar you will find space to keep track of contact information for your insurance, doctors, nurses, social workers, referrals, support groups and more. Otherwise, you may end up with dozens of little notes and business cards scattered everywhere from your car to your office and everywhere in between. These pages will make sure you never lose or misplace all of that important information.