New Year - New Diet

by Bethany Borders, RD, LDE, CDCES, Lexington Clinic Dietitian Services


Every year getting healthy is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions and at the top of that list is typically a new diet. A new diet can be a great way to shed some unwanted weight, but with all of the trendy new diets that are available which way is the best?
Any successful diet plan will consist of the same basic principles: increasing fruits and vegetables, increasing whole grains, reducing saturated fats, eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages and increasing physical activity.
Other diet tips that can help you shed those unwanted pounds and get healthy:
  • Go slow. You don’t have to make a wholesale change all at once.
  • Drink more water. Try to drink one more glass of water than the day before until you are able to drink eight 8-ounces glasses daily.
  • Eat a rainbow. Colorful produce is packed with disease-fighting compounds to help get your body healthy.
  • Stop mindless munching. Try chewing sugar-free gum or drinking a glass of water in place of nibbling.
If you are considering any diet changes, please consult a doctor or dietitian before making any decisions. If you do not have a dietitian or doctor to consult and would like Lexington Clinic to help, please call (859) 258-4362 or visit


Bethany Borders, RD, LDE, CDCES is both a Registered Dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and a Licensed Dietitian with the Kentucky Board of Licensure and Certification for dietitians and nutritionists. She specializes in nutritional counseling for disease management as well as comprehensive diabetes education and is a Certified Diabetes Educator with the National Board for Diabetes Educators. Erin’s professional interests include community health and promoting health management through nutrition.


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