On June 13, 2016, Johnnie Durbin, a 70 year old mother, grandmother and wife of 50 years, learned that her annual mammogram had come back abnormal. Three days later she went for an ultrasound, and then a needle biopsy a few days later. After the results from the needle biopsy were returned, Mrs. Durbin learned what kind of cancer she was dealing with. She was scheduled for a consultation, then a lumpectomy with Dr. Sloan Warner, Lexington Clinic surgeon, to remove a small tumor. With the tumor removed, Mrs. Durbin began radiation treatment 5 days per week as a preventive measure.

Three months from her diagnosis, 21 radiation treatments and one surgery later, Mrs. Durbin is cancer free! This is her story, composed from quotes from her interview.

Well any time that you hear the "C” word, you know, you have all these images of what you think is going to happen. But it wasn’t like that at all.

Each time I went to Lexington Clinic for treatments or appointments, they were very cordial at the front desk and told me what I would be doing that day. First I would have an appointment with Dr. Susan Liddle, a hematologist/oncologist at Lexington Clinic’s John D. Cronin Cancer Center. From there, Dr. Liddle arranged a meeting with my radiation oncologist, Dr. Falguni Amin-Zimmerman. From the very beginning, when Eleanor Broaddus, my nurse navigator first called me, everything was taken care of. All I had to do was show up for my appointments. Eleanor and the help she provided were the biggest things through all this. I mean she really was compassionate, and was just as compassionate with my family.

Both Dr. Amin and Dr. Liddle are beautiful people. They take time to explain just what you are facing. The therapists back in radiation, they were like girlfriends going to high school. What you thought were going to be stormy days, they made sunshine.

I think the moment that stands out the most to me is probably when Dr. Warner came out after surgery and told the family that they got the tumor, and what they were going to do. It’s not a journey I want to go back and do again, but if you have to take this journey, I suggest Lexington Clinic. They have shown us nothing but compassion and it may sound cliche, but everyone knows what they are doing.

I just want to say thank you to the whole group – from the receptionists to Dr. Amin and her staff, Dr. Liddle, Dr. Warner,  and  my primary care physician Dr. Dixon, it’s just been like a family circle where one of the members has a broken wing.